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Welcome to MTEL – Management Tool for Experiential Learning

Instructor with students working on a car engine

About Us

MTEL is a web-based application, created and managed by  Le Centre franco, used by Ontario teachers since 2002, helping school boards manage and monitor their Cooperative Education programs, including the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP).

MTEL is designed by Ontario cooperative education teachers, drawing on their experience to ensure students are actively involved in all aspects of experiential learning.


Susen Dupuis
MTEL, a networking hub!

MTEL provides structure and support in the maintenance of Co-operative Education student records, meeting Ministry expectations. MTEL consultants seek to work with board leads across the province in developing and refining its platform. Resources are readily available for users, as are personalized training sessions. Having consistency in processes and documents among all is crucial, and MTEL offers just that!

Susen Dupuis
Secondary Program Pathways Consultant / OYAP Co-ordinator
Lambton Kent District School Board
Chatham, ON

Click on an image to learn why MTEL remains the provincial leader in helping user-boards manage their Experiential Learning Programs.

Pasquale Piro
MTEL support is impressive!

We’ve been using MTEL exclusively in our board for many years. We are pleased with the new modernized platform, featuring Secure authentication with Single Sign On technology and responsive design. All your co-op tools are conveniently found in MTEL, efficiently generating all your co-op and OYAP forms. When needed, MTEL support is impressive, performed proficiently and competently.

Pasquale (Pat) Piro
OYAP Coordinator
Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board (HWCDSB)
Hamilton, ON

Dakota Cousins
MTEL, facilitating connections

The steps to complete my Student Cooperative Education Learning Plan (SCELP) in the MTEL application were helpful. I was able to make connections between my related course, TWJ3E, and my placement experience. I was surprised at some of the skills listed, and it opened my eyes to the expectations for this placement and a career in this field. I have a better understanding of what to expect in the construction craft worker apprenticeship trade.

Dakota Cousins
Grade 12 Student – OYAP Participant
John McGregor Secondary School
Lambton Kent District School Board
Chatham, ON

Lois -Barnes
I can’t imagine teaching co-op without having access to MTEL!

MTEL has everything I need to implement the co-operative education program. It keeps me organized, and the pre-populated forms are such a time-saver! MTEL is user-friendly and allows me to search NOC codes, and the corresponding OYAP code pops up at the same time! It is super easy and eliminates errors. I can’t imagine teaching co-op without having access to MTEL!

Lori Barnes
Cooperative Education Teacher
St. Patrick’s High School
Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB)
Ottawa, ON

David Gallant
MTEL, can’t imagine living without it!

I love the MTEL platform! As a new teacher to the Co-operative Education Department, I can’t imagine how I would have sorted and coordinated all the data required to facilitate a student work placement. With MTEL, it’s all laid out before me in a very user-friendly platform. For all my questions, the customer service has been exceptional!

David Gallant
Co-operative Education Teacher
Program Leader – Co-operative Education, History / Geography, Social Sciences, Family Studies, Indigenous Studies, Languages
Espanola High School
Rainbow District School Board (RDSB)
Espanola, ON